How it works?


Wizespirit is an interacting global online platform for people that seek psychic and spiritual guidance and support.

On wizespirit you can find multiple different psychic and spiritual services and offers performed by independent  spiritual and psychic guides from all over the world.


If you are searching the paths toward happiness, tranquility and peace of mind ,
in ways that can make you feel better and be more content and happy with your life , is a place for you. Weather it’s a question , dilemma , problem that needs to be solved or just counselling to support a decision already made.
Here you can find Peace of mind by receiving an alternative counseling & support with In a community of spiritual guides.
1. Find what you need- find your vision

1. Find what you need- find your vision

As a buyer you first need to decide what you wish to buy, what service you need and which vision you want to buy. Once you found the vision you wish to buy, you need to pay for it, but clicking the "buy Now" button you will be transferred to a PayPal page where you can either pay with your credit card or with your PayPal account. Once payment is approved, the seller will be noticed that a purchase was made and that the seller needs to supply the service. Seller can then ask you for more details and start working on your request.
The money paid by the buyer is held in the wizespirit account and is transferred to the seller only once the transaction is finished and buyer approves receiving the service he paid for.
2. Supply your brief

2. Supply your brief

Submit your brief for the seller – let the seller know exactly what you are looking for and what you wish for. Tell the advisor what you need and what you are looking for. Be as detailed as possible so the advisor / seller can provide you what you are expecting to get. Your payment is held secure until you confirm that the insight you received is performed to your satisfaction.
3. Manage transaction

3. Manage transaction

Exchange files and feedback with the seller via the built-in conversation and transaction management system. The seller will deliver service (vision or charm) within a specified time frame. Buyers can post massages, their videos, images or audio files on the correspondence page of wizespirit and communicate with their chosen psychic. The platform enables to interact and communicate with each other, but please remember that all communications are confined to the platform itself and only to it. Chats, phone calls. Skype, outside emails etc are not possible nor allowed according to wizespirit terms. That’s the only way we can keep the needed level of service and monitor the satisfaction of both buyer and seller.
4. Approve service delivered

4. Approve service delivered

Once the psychic advisor delivers vision that was paid for, buyer needs to confirm receiving the service or ask for amendments. Once the buyer confirms receiving the vision and that the vision (service) was performed, or charm was supplied, buyer needs to mark the transaction complete (if buyers will not confirm delivered vision one as for amendments, resection will be automatic lay closed within 4 days of delivery) .
Once transaction is marked completed, wizespirit will than wait 14 days and transfers the money to the advisors balance on the platform. As a buyer you can help others in the community by leaving a feedback for the seller.


wizespirit is an interacting global online platform for people that seek psychic and spiritual guidance and support.
on wizespirit everyone can find multiple different psychic and spiritual services and offers performed by independent spiritual and psychic guides from all over the world.
wizespirit was created by people that believe that psychic and spiritual effects are the main things that can make us happy.
wizespirit wishes to make psychic services accessible to all, not only to the rich and blessed.
that is why psychic services and visions are affordable to almost anyone.
basic services price starts at 5 usd. wizespirit offers psychic readings, interpretation of dreams, numerology and tarot readings, future telling and horoscopes, reiki and theta healing. and even charms for good luck, fertility and pregnancy and good health. users can post massages, their videos, images or audio files on the correspondence page of wizespirit and communicate with their chosen psychic.
wizespirit do its outmost to guaranty payment and satisfaction for both sides.
joining is easy and free for anyone 18 years old or more.

Positive spirit of the community :
Wizespirit opposes negative activities against any human being. Weather a curse , a spell or any other negative thing against any human being is against the spirit of Wizespirit and shall be removed from the site. Wizespirit only allows negative spell and curses that are aimed and non-human entities – dark forces , spirits of the dead etc. Other than that we will not allow Directing negative remarks , forces or energies against human beings under no Circumstances or reasons and without exceptions.

Psychics and spirituals (all sellers) are not employees or representatives of Wizespirit.
Use of this site is subject to the, terms-of-service , privacy-policy , Disclaimer

1. Post your visions(services) or  charms

1. Post your visions(services) or charms

Wizespirit wishes to make psychic services accessible to all (as long as they are 18 years old and above). We highly recommend for every psychic to include some low priced visions as part of his or her offers. Post a service offer in accordance with your skills and spiritual abilities. It's best to start the offer with "I will…." And then say what you can sell or offer.
Be as specific as possible so your clients will know exactly what they are paying for. Focus on what you do best and if you have areas of expertise. Let your customers know what you need to receive form them in order to be able to do the reading or supply the needed service. Describe the spiritual technics you use to create the visions and also how you deliver your work. Inform you customers whether you supply a written report, an audio file or maybe a video.

2.  Set the price of the visions or charms

2. Set the price of the visions or charms

Vision can be any psychic or spiritual service you wish to sell. A reading, advice, horoscope, fortune telling and more. Make sure you offer basic visions that everyone can afford.
Basic visions should be priced for as low as 5 USD and up to 25 USD per vision (25.5.2016). If you wish to sell more than just basic, a wider, advanced and more expensive services you can use the "Extra" price for any vision.
Extra is an "on top" service that can be bought on top of the basic vision for an additional amount of money.
For example – You (the psychic) may offer a reading of 1-2 questions for the price of 10 USD.
On top the psychic can offer extra's such as full detailed reading with up to 10 questions for another 20USD. It is very important you maintain and have relatively non expensive offers as well. Basic vision cannot be charged more than 25 USD (as of 15.5.2016).
Unlike basic vision, Extra price has no limit and you (psychic) can ask for any price. This way, the customer starts at the low price and can add extras if needed. The accumulated total price is that of the basic vision plus the extras bought. You can also offer to sell physical blessed products (charms) for good luck or other purposes. If you do that, please add a clear photo of what you wish to sell).
3. Communicate promptly

3. Communicate promptly

The wizespirit platform offers its users a way to interact and communicate with each other. All communications are confined to the platform itself. No phone calls, direct email correspondence or chat are allowed. Customers and psychics can write, add audio, photos and video on the correspondence system inside the site but only on and via the wizespirit platform. In order to maintain user's confidentiality and make sure that both sellers and customers are protected and well served wizespirit does not allow any communication outside its platform. When a purchase is made or when someone contacts a psychic on the platform, an email is sent to the psychic's email address given at registration. Every time there is an activity on the psychic's account the psychic will be informed about it via email and should than log on to the site and check massages or sales. All users can post massages, post their videos, images or audio files on the correspondence page and communicate with each other only on the site. Make sure to respond to customer enquiries, as well as requests for custom offers and visions, within a reasonable time.
Good communication is a prerequisite for successful cooperation.

4. Set Payment and get paid

4. Set Payment and get paid

Every vision is displayed with its price. When a customer wishes to purchase a vision from a psychic he pays for the purchase in advance. Customer pays the price of the vision (and extras) set by the psychic. Customer can use a credit card or a PayPal account. Once payment is cleared by wizespirit it is held in the system. Customer is charged but seller is not yet paid. After payment is assured by wizespirit, psychic is informed of the purchase. Psychic than needs to supply the offered service as ordered by customer. Once psychic delivers the vision to the customer, customer can either ask for changes or confirm that the vision was properly delivered.
Once delivered, the transaction can be either confirmed by the buyer or automatically if buyer does not confirm or ask for changes within 4 days.
Once confirmed, money is held for 14 days and tan released into the sellers (psychics) balance account on the site. This is to guarantee payment and satisfaction for both sides. Once vision is delivered both psychic and customer can grade each other so that others will know if doing business with them is great or not so great.
Grading serves other customers as a reference letting them know if the psychic (and buyer) are good and recommended for business.
5. Build your reputation - Market your work

5. Build your reputation - Market your work

Make sure you treat all of your customers the same. Try to provide the best possible service and visions regardless of the transaction value. Satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends and that's your key to a great reputation. Once you posted a vision (a psychic service) on wizespirit, Copy the link of its page (the URL) and post it on social networks, your own site, Pinterest and on any other site you can.
The link will circulate; many people will see it and may want to check it out. It will also come up on Google searches, so even if people won't purchase the vision they will be exposed to your work and become potential future clients.
Ask your clients; ask them for their feedbacks and good reviews. Both on wizespirit and on all social networks. Psychics, and so are you, are only as good as people say they are. The ones you as a psychic, treated and helped can testify for how great you are. Create public exposure. You need many people to know you and your work. You need to become exposed. Start with those that know you the best and believe in you. Friends, family, and people you have worked with. The closest to you are more likely to assist. Have them post your links on their walls and social profiles. Your friend's friends are more likely to check you out since they trust their friends. Word to mouth works. Work on it. Blog, most people can, you can also. Open a blog. Write about your work and about cases you treated (anonymously). Show your success. Make it short and interesting then, share the links anywhere you can. Post the links to your visions on your blog. People will come to read your blog and they will be exposed to your work, capabilities and personality. You can also open a group of forum on a social network and manage it. Make sure it's "alive" and add as many people as you can to your group. Post links to your visions on the group's site. Offer special treatments for problems that are brought up in the group. Be nice – you can and should, once in a while, do free "pro bono" work for others. You help them and in return you will gain popularity which it crucial for your success.
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