Ever seen a very sad Duck?

Ever seen a very sad Duck?

Ever seen a Duck sad with no obvious reason?

Sadness is a natural human emotion. Sometimes we can feel sad or depressed for no reason, and that is completely okay.  We aren’t always aware of things that could be affecting us or our sub conscious. It’s always important to take time free of interruptions and to have some self-reflection trying to understand what is wrong, and if there is something wrong, than address it.

Humans are constantly working on emotions that are part of us being human.

You can be angry, happy or … sad, you are human.

Have you ever seen a sad duck? Probably not

Emotions are complicated and they certainly don’t make sense all of the time. Being sad is okay sometimes, and trying to push our feelings away simply because we don’t understand them often makes us suffer more in the long run.

Sadness alerts us to how we need to treat ourselves, and also as to how we want to be treated by others.  Sometimes sadness is caused by just one thing but sometimes it’s a whole complex spectrum we need to dive in and resolve. We need to remember that nothing is forever and that sadness we feel will eventually go away as well. We may even get up tomorrow with a smile on our face without any special reason. Just like that.

If sadness grabs you for more than a short period of time and becomes a burden, there is no need to face it all by yourself.  A helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, and a face that looks at you sincerely when you talk, could be an invaluable aid.

Choose the appropriate person well.  Some people know better how to listen; some will open up to you more than others and if you need a helping spiritual hand, it’s also available for you in many different ways of support amongst the spiritual guides here on wizespirit. Don’t worry, you will be happy. Good luck.


Ever seen a very sad Duck?



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June 4, 2017
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