life is great and yet ….Cry Today

life is great and yet ….Cry Today

You dont have The crying Dump Valve

Many mechanical instruments as engines and others have built-in Waste gates or dump valves or Blow off Valves…..

No matter the name, it’s all for the same reason, to avoid the system from exploding.

Pressures builds up inside thus the risk of blowing up becomes higher so the system has a safety mechanism that releases the pressure automatically as it build up beyond a certain point, a waste gate.  Same goes for us humans only we don’t have a valve , not even a dump one. We,  have tears.

The problem with tears is that we can (try to) control if and when they come. Our risk of exploding is in fact, higher, we keep the pressure in!

So we need to cry more.

Why ?

What does crying do for us?

Help get over a loss – crying allows people to recover some mental balance after a loss, not always and not for everyone but still, it can help.

Absorb a blow – most people say that crying allows them to absorb a blow, to feel better and even to think more clearly about something or someone they had lost.

Crying is cathartic – We go through the day accumulating conflicts and resentments.

Like sponges, we absorb bad energies we encounter during day to day life.

It’s toxic.

Crying lets the devils out before they wreak us.

Crying can elevate moodonce releasing the bad feelings we feel much better. It’s like ventilating the soul.

Crying lowers stress – so it actually makes us healthier as stress is hazard to us.

Tears lowers boundaries between peopletears make human connectivity stronger. Tears make us feel vulnerable and that makes it easier to connect with others.

The human soul is like a tank of air. We keep pumping air inside it making its pressure to go up. But there is only so much pressure that tank can take. If we wish to stay strong and prevent the soul form caving in to the pressure, we need to release the pressure on a regular base. We need to ventilate the soul. So we can cry, or have a psychic talk, or go on a great vacation…. Just as long as we keep the pressure low and under control.


Hey, life is great, and still….Cry Today!






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February 6, 2017
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