Mental overload

Do you feel the mental overload of life ?

Unloading mental baggage is the same as Unloading your soul truck

The Human soul is like a heavy truck. It has lots of room and can carry allot of weight and like a good truck, we keep loading it with issues, troubles, thoughts, dilemmas and more.

Time goes by and the truck becomes heavy, hard to pull with less and less space for new things. We start facing the mental overload.

We feel the heavy weight of life on our shoulders.  Like having a mental overload. It presses our soul and makes us feel bad. Life doesn’t look that great when it happens.

An urgent need is built to unload some of the cargo and ventilate the soul.

Once while traveling in the USA I met a guy, David Lee on the outskirts Nebraska in a truckers diner.

His trailer was parked outside. The trailer was dragging behind a Polaris vehicle. He was not alone, Joan, His wife for the last 27 years was travelling with him. And they were so happy, so relived of troubles.

David retired 15 years before from his job and since than he and his wife where on the road, travelling. When I asked him what he was doing he replied,  I live.

David told me that at some point in life he felt like he was drowning. The burdens of life pulled him down.

He had money, great job and a nice house yet he felt like he was choking. He felt the need to unload.

A total Coincidence led him to a medium lady that told him to take some time off and ventilate his spirit.

Go somewhere far with no communication and just breath.

Well, he did, and few weeks later he was happy as he was never before.

We don’t really need to run from our day to day life or leave everything behind. That is too extreme and most of us can’t afford doing that. But we can take more breaks, unload our souls more often. Make breathing easier.

Once in a while we need to stop like any other weight carrier and unload the cargo we are caring, so that the soul gets time to rest.

There are many technics that can help you do that.

Choose the one you like most but make sure you do.

You may just have a much better and happier life. so give it a try.

Unload your soul.




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January 26, 2017
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