Spiritual Sex – Sex and Spirit

Spiritual Sex – Sex and Spirit

Sexuality is closely related to spirituality in several ways. Sexual energies can be channeled upward to develop our energy centers or chakra system and higher energy bodies.

According to esoteric and yoga teachings, this is all part of our spiritual evolution.

Sexuality can be a vehicle into spirituality, a way to express your desire to be reunited with God by merging with another person through sharing sexuality.

3,000 years ago people on the island of Crete recognized sexual pleasure as a wonderful way to connect with spirit and unite deeply with one another. In this culture sexuality was widely understood as a pathway to spiritual ecstasy.

There is no sense to deny the spiritual dimension of our sexuality and to refer to is as lower physical urges vs higher spiritual functions, disconnected from the body.

Spiritual sex is sexual energy that goes beyond physical sensations of pleasure and genital orgasms.

The essence of spiritual sex is enhanced awareness, extraordinary inspiration, and a sense of merging with the life force.

Transcendental sexual experiences produce a sense of merging with the source of energy and losing physical boundaries during orgasm.

It is often described as “being in the moment of boundless bliss.” Both ancient and modern visionary experiences are described as being “bathed in pure light.”

Sexual energy is the source of our connection to the life force.

Developing conscious rituals and techniques allow you to become more open to such transcendent experiences.

Various yoga and meditation techniques may help you to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy.

Spiritual sex – Sex and Spirit




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May 7, 2017
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