Spirituality calms the body, reduces anxiety and supports positive thinking

Spirituality calms the body, reduces anxiety and supports positive thinking

Individuals follow spiritual paths for numerous reasons, including faith, prayer, social support, cultural convention, devotion to the community and more.

Studies show a close connection between religious and spiritual involvement and well-being

Individuals approach spirituality through religion, meditation, psychics, mediums, healing, energies and more.

Spirituality may have benefits for those that explore it.

Growing amount of evidence indicates that spiritual practices are associated with better health and wellbeing, for many reasons.

Strong spiritual outlook may help people find meaning in life and even cope better with traumatic events.

Psychology has demonstrated that expressing gratitude is associated with many positive emotions such as optimism and overall vitality.

Spirituality encourages people to be positive, which may be expressed in many of life’s practices.

Spiritual people are compassionate and experiencing compassion toward others is one the strongest correlates with living a spiritual life.

Spiritual people also have positive relationships, high self-esteem, are more optimistic and have meaning and purpose in life.

Spiritual people take time to savor life’s experiences and while being more conscious of small, daily activities, they experience positive emotions associated with the smaller pleasures in life.

Spirituality calms the body, reduces anxiety and stress, as well as supports positive thinking.

The cultivation of sacred moments in everyday life, through everyday spiritual exercises, continues to be correlated with reduced levels of stress as well as a rise in wellbeing.

Spirituality might help provide individuals with perspective, hope, as well as a deeper sense of meaning and can frequently be defined as intrinsic human convenience of self-transcendence.








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February 14, 2017
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