The raft to happiness

The raft to happiness and Steering towards the spiritual happiness junction

You may wish to spend your life as if you are on a raft. You don’t have to do anything and yet the raft will take to many different many places. You will drift. You may like or you may not but one thing is for sure – when you drift you have no control. You are not in charge of what is happening and you never know where you will be next. Some people like living like but most people don’t.

Most people have a sense of where they want to go, what they want to achieve and mostly, what makes them happy.  It is important for everyone to explore their meaning and purpose and try to achieve as it will take you one step closer to happiness.

It’s always important to pursue goals and dreams, because they give our lives direction and focus. They help us wake up excited to face the day and help us organize our time so that we are productive and fruitful.

Many scholars have shown that people who describe themselves as happy believe in a higher power, higher purpose or some force greater than themselves. This “something” is called by many names, but the belief seems to give purpose and meaning. That is their spirituality, this “something” that is connected to the soul rather than to the physical being.


The path to happiness is a journey of the soul, of the whole self, of body, mind, and spirit.

Everyone’s rafts reaches the point where they know that nothing physical can truly give them the lasting happiness they are seeking.

That is the junction of physical being and happiness striving. That is spirituality.

With this understanding you now know it’s time to get of the raft and find a boat with a steering wheel that can take you to where You wish to be rather than drift to… wherever. This is how you find your true spiritual happiness. You aim and work hard to get there regardless of technique or ritual as long as it takes you to your absolute true meaning.

The raft to happiness….




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January 24, 2017
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