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there is allot more in dreams than what you can first realize

Some people believe that God can speak to us is through our dreams at night. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand their dreams. We need someone to interpret our dreams so we understand what they mean

People think they have their own unique dreams , but experts in dream analysis report that there are several dream themes that seem to be common to many people and many dreams.

Dreams like flying, falling, teeth coming loose, being chased, giving birth , running around naked  and some more , are common to many people even if they dream it on different sides of the globe.

Some of the most common dreams are:

Flying – By far, the most common. They indicate a high degree of creativity, ability to rise above circumstances, and possibly maturing spiritually.

Teeth –  coming loose or falling out , reveals need of direction.

Baby or pregnant –  referring to birthing something new

Chased or running –  a strong indication that there’s some calling on your life that you have yet to fulfill.

Falling – out of control in your life or the need to let go and take some risk.

Not able to run, move, or speak – indicates that something is trying to stop us or hold us back in life.

there is allot more in dreams than what you can first see. if you wish to understand your dreams in a more profound and Depp way , spiritual support and dream readings are  a blessing.

Wizespirit.com (wise spirit) is a place to find help support and comfort in those times of need , with the convenience of your own home and , if one wishes , with full Anonymity.

Come understand your dreams.


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