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My vision of Positive Self esteem and Success comes from support. I believe that 100% support makes 100% self esteem and 100% success. I was a person who was raised with those ideas an flunked - College, University, Relationship with girl, etc. ...but this many will tell you makes you stronger! Experience and change. My vision comes with support 100% like a given fact - to try it and become successful! My vision doesn't come from the same problems and fight problems back, change and be the best that you can be... It comes not from change "even if you came from that" but it comes from the SOUL. I believe sometimes you already changed and deserve it but all you need is a support. I give that 100% support - If the outcome comes successful is because all you needed was a different vision! Together I can differentiate my insecurities with you and move on; forward; toward the sun. Sometimes, you know, successful people tend to see others are not, because they didn't think enough.
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