I will do Aura Surgery for your problems

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I am Reiki Master more than 16 years. All problems have roots in aura and after removing it problems will go away much faster. All our problems start in the subtle body and have roots in aura. Without removing these roots it is very hard to get rid of the problems. This technique I used many times with great success. People report improvement in all areas of their lives such as health, business, relationships, etc. And also you can always check did the technique work for you by doing this simple test before and after the session: This test is: put tips of your thumb and point finger ( of main hand) together as hard as possible and try to break this connection by your other hand. After you'll fail to do it think about your problem and do the test again and you'll see how easy you'll break the connection. And after the session the connection will be as strong as one you did without thinking about the problem. And it will show that the problem no longer distracting your energy flow.
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