I will put a “block” on your “money waste” and help you go the right track spending your money wisely

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There are millionaires tur ? Are you one of them , are you not one of them? if tou are not , this vision will be great for you. I will put a "block" on your money waste and will help you go the right track and spend your money wisely. Tell me your money problem, how much you got and how much are you willing to spend and how.  I will tell you if you are spending it right , or in the wrong direction and turn you to the right direction When I was a kid I spent a lot of money on?? "toys" and not know how to appreciate ...but! I was preparing myself for the future; example: you spend on toilet paper "oh! that's cheap and besides who needs it" (when kid) and buy lots of them and at the end people take it away from you. Well, Today is the same: Millionaires feel like poor and don't know how to use their money. This vision is like I become a bank or something, "a personal bank manager" etc, that will help you decide on what to spent. I put "literally" a block on your waste and will help you go the right track. There are many aspects why you don't know where to spend your money and I will give you the reasons, and give you a tweak. You can do that with your family also, ask them to help you, but remember! if you pay a small fee here! I will keep everything private. Time and space counts!
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