I will Predict Pregnancy with 90% accuracy

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I will Predict Pregnancy with 90% accuracy

  I am known as a "baby psychic" and have been telling women when they will conceive for 8 years. I will tell you the month (sometimes I've told people the exact day a year in advance) you will find out you are pregnant with your next child. I will also tell you the gender. ” I had a reading from Elisabeth in Dec asking whether I would get pregnant soon .I had been trying for quit a while. She said she saw me getting a BFP in march 2014 and the date march 26th was showing strong…Well, Couldn’t believe it when I tested positive on March 26th.She also picked up on the name Laura …my daughter is Lara. She picked up a lot more scarily accurate information on my relationship with my husband and described him very accurately.She made a few more predictions about my husbands career so cant wait to see what happensFeel very lucky to have found Elisabeth …very talented and genuinely cares about her clients.” Connie Fitzpatrick, Ireland"
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