Facilitating to raising your frequency of being at peace and balance of enlightenment

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I work with the masters. My life is very much guided by them. I have learned through my experiences and clients is that is all to with frequency. I have healed people where some have released lower resonance energies to become trans channels of the masters. It's all do with raising your frequency. Ascension is a contnual process. As we work together on your spirituality we clear out the dense lower energies so that you get higher guides. The way the masters work has nothing to with religion it is do with each souls spiritual journeys.
One of my clients channeled Eloheim from they said is "We test you and if you pass the test we give you opportunities" . They scan your soul and then if they choose give messages to my clients. The masters also come through me with tones to break up lower energies and change your akashic records. I
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