Spirit within: I offer Personalized Mayan Readings

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I am offering A 2 page in-depth character chart including traits, challenges, and a to do list using Mayan sacred Tzolkin calendar Board.
I will help you make sense of your specific place in this world. why are you here how to make the best of it!
According to the Mayan every thought, feeling, movement, shift, doubt, and hope is uniquely important to this planet and its development. That's why being you is highly needed. But the attractions of the world make clarity sometimes so hard, and we need help to tune ourselves back to our true frequency and direction. I will try my best to help you make the connection back to yourself!
Let me help you fine tune your thoughts and conflicts through the Mayan ways of Dreamspell. And there are many paths!!
I offer personalized birth date readings from the Mayan Calendar. I have been helped by many teachers along the way, and am here now to offer my teaching to you!
Please feel free to ask the universe for what you need - she just might just answer
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